Recipes with hot and chile based custom sauces
Pictured (l to r): Tom Engels, VP of Sales & Marketing, Paradise; James Joshua, Sr. Director of Dairy & Ingredient Procurement, Pizza Hut; Joelle Johnson, Sr. Director Concept Development, Pizza Hut; Kevin Crooks, Sales, Paradise; Ron Peters, President of Paradise; and Mauricio Sirgo, Sr. Vice President Supply Chain & International Sourcing, Pizza Hut.

At the YUM STAR Awards event held in May 2019, Paradise received the 2019 STAR Award for Value & Service. The award recognized Paradise for dedication to service while making several product transitions and the continued commitment to Customer Service, Logistics Support, Dedicated Account Support and Culinary/R&D.

For more than 25 years, Paradise has been partnering with Pizza Hut to create on-trend signature sauces, innovative menu ideas and proactive programs for their operations and 16,000 locations.

About Paradise
As the industry leader in tomato-based and signature sauces packed in pouches, Paradise has been helping the top foodservice chains and manufacturers capitalize on the latest trends with custom sauces for pizza, pasta, marinara, hot sauce, barbeque and salsa as well as ethnic sauces for 25+ years.

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