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Hot Sauces

Our custom industrial hot sauces turn up the heat with flavor profiles ranging from savory and smoky with heat levels from tame to insane.

Paradise Tomato Kitchens Hot Tabasco Sauce In A Bowl

Hot Sauce

Paradise Tomato Kitchens Fried Buffalo Chicken Wings Served With Chopped Vegetables On A White Table.

Wing Sauces

Paradise Tomato Kitchens Cuisine: Chicken Leg With Spicy Chilli Sauce Sriracha And Rice


Paradise Tomato Kitchens Chix Waffles

Hot Honey

Paradise Tomato Kitchens Creole Shrimp And Sausage


Paradise Tomato Kitchens Spicy Sambal

Ethnic Sauces

Hot sauces & chile-based sauces are now a staple on menus and in retail products. Their popularity and versatility let you bring new flavors, variety, innovation, and a much desirable heat to menus.

From Scoville levels of 100 to 5,000, the custom possibilities are endless. 

Our custom hot sauces make it easy to add heat to any dish and create authentic, innovative menu items that feature a spicy kick.

  • Save money while maintaining top quality
  • Reduce your labor costs
  • Eliminate consistency issues
  • Capitalize on new trends with innovative culinary support
  • Customized packaging available designed to fit your operational needs & reduce costs

Custom Industrial Packaging Options

Paradise Tomato Kitchens Paradisetomatokitchens Drum


Paradise Tomato Kitchens Tote


Paradise Tomato Kitchens Tanker Trucks

Tanker Trucks

Paradise Tomato Kitchens Rail Tank Cars


Your custom hot sauce awaits

We will help your business develop a proprietary hot sauce that adds unique flavor and value to existing menu favorites, LTOs, or seasonal specials.

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